What’s the best way to apply Good Surf Wax?
Start by removing all existing wax (if not Good Wax), Start with hard wax (black) to form base coat, apply in a criss cross pattern using the edge of the wax. Take your time and start from the top of your board and work your way to the bottom. Then apply soft wax (red) to form a top coat. Using small circular movements start to layer the entire board. The average surfboard will need 1 block of hard & 1 block soft wax. For best results your board will need a generous layer of wax.
Why can’t I see the wax building?
If you follow the above application you will be sure to see the Bee’s wax lump and form.
How often should I apply Good Surf Wax?
For best performance apply before every surf. 
Why is it good for the environment?
We only use 100% natural ingredients, No nasty chemicals and it’s biodegradable.
What’s wrong with traditional surf wax?
Most traditional waxes are bleached white and are made from a plastic based petrochemical. These break down in to micro plastic then nano plastic, which end up in our oceans.
What is the difference between Soft and Hard?
Soft (red) is our cold water surf wax and Hard (black) is our warm water surf wax. 
Does Good Surf Wax melt?
Beeswax isn’t effected by temperature, so it won’t melt or be effected by tropical climates or hot days. 
Does Good Surf Wax lump up like other waxes?
Yes! After a good application – please read above how to apply.
You won’t see forming as quickly as traditional surf wax, However once applied generously it will lump up and actually last longer to give you better lumps. 
Will it work in cold water?
Yes! There’s no denying it feels different to traditional surf wax but that’s because we only use 100% natural products, we recommend topping up before every surf. 
Are the cups biodegradable?
100% compostable   
Why does Good Surf Wax cost more then traditional surf wax?
Australia is the last country with chemical free bees wax. This comes at a premium and is in high demand worldwide. We source our bees wax locally, which in turn supports our farmers.
Peace and stay salty,
Good Surf Wax