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Good Concept, Good Design, Goodsurfwax

When you come across a good idea, tastefully executed, it’s criminal not to tip the hat.

Enter Goodsurfwax. Of all the people who should be treading as lightly as humanly possibly on Mother Earth, surfers would have to be at the top of the list. If you surf and charge around skulling coffee from takeaway cups, putting plastic bags on your feet to slide into your wetsuit (yeah it’s a good trick, but no more) and generally carrying on like you couldn’t give a toss, then you are, by definition, an arsehole. Ditto for all the “surf” companies who conduct themselves in a similar fashion. The fact that the main instrument of the art, the surfboard, is manufactured in the most toxic way imaginable is the great unsung oxymoron, but we’re not here to talk about surfboards. We’re here to talk about the delightful smelling stuff that you rub on them.

Goodsurfwax is a socially-minded little co. from Noosa Heads in Queensland, and they’ve set about producing wax in the most eco-friendly way possible. The wax they produce is both petrochemical and plastic free and completely handcrafted. Most of the wax on the shelf is made from a petrochemical base, and that sucks because it breaks down into tiny particles that the humans can’t see, but fish are more than happy to snack on, eventually leading to their demise. The base for Goodsurfwax however, comes from organic coconut oil and beeswax.

Another cool thing about Goodsurfwax is that it supports and raises money for local bee farmers in Noosa. The downside of which is that the wax is only available from November to April, but to be honest that only adds to the limited-edition feel of the whole get up. It comes in two speeds, hard and soft, offering a painfully simple solution to the dreaded “what colour you after” surf shop encounter. Seeing as we’ve pretty much torched the planet up until this point, supporting small companies trying to do the right thing is a step in the right direction.